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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Welcome to the new blog

Welcome everyone to the new blog.  Things are constantly changing in my life so I thought the blog should be no exception.  Truth be told - it was a real task doing it the old way.  I hope to be able to keep this more relevant with happenings.

September is almost gone and October is here.  Time flies.  I have four events (that I know of) to cover in October plus I am always looking for more opportunities.  It looks like I went from a hobbyist to an amateur photog to a freelancer. 

I have certain struggles that everyone has.  How do I monetize my photography?  The answer for right now is - I don't.  I am choosing to take a path that will develop a portfolio while not entirely shooting for free and without stepping on the toes of other photographers in the Valley.  It's a balancing act. 

Enjoy the blog - please post comments and make this a forum for thought.


Moving Real Soon...Combining Forces

What's up folks.  I am in the process of transferring my blog from to BlogSpot. What that really means for everyone - I'm not sure. My hopes are to have a tool that I can easily update more frequently and isn't so labor intensive.

So hang on - I'll let everyone know when we jump from one platform to another. Those of you who access the blog currently from the grtaylor2photo site - stay calm - no need to change anything - you'll be redirected.

Hopefully when I get this all dialed in I can post some details about my plan for the blog and maybe a little about me etc.